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State of the Forest Reports

The State of the Forest reports represent a comprehensive and detailed assessment of the status of the tropical forests, ecosystems, biodiversity, and the socio-economic situations of Central Africa. Currently the State of the Forest reports are coordinated by the Observatory for the Forests of Central Africa (OFAC) and exist as a Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) flagship activity, drawing contributions from many of CBFP's partner organizations.

The Forests of the Congo Basin: State of the Forest Report {dsForest::reportyear}

CARPE Lessons Learned

There are two volumes of Lessons Learned corresponding to CARPE Phases I and II. "Landscape-Scale Conservation in the Congo Basin", Lessons Learned for Phase II, consists of 27 case studies organized into three sections: land-use planning, environmental policy and governance, and monitoring of natural resources. The "Congo Basin Information Series" is comprised of 25 issue briefs which summarize the Results and Lessons Learned for Phase I.

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CARPE Planning, Management and Monitoring Documents


Tools for strengthening good governance in NRM in the Congo Basin

Since its inception, CARPE has developed under its strategic framework the Intermediate Result 2 (IR2) on good governance in Natural Resources Management (NRM) with two challenging indicators:

Indicator 1: Number of key new laws or policies for Protected Areas, logging concessions, and Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) areas passed or old laws and policies reformed with CARPE assistance;
Indicator 2: Number of NGO (and other civil society organizations) advocacy initiatives and activities (e.g., media articles about environmental governance issues e.g. illegal logging, bushmeat poaching; Natural Resources court cases brought or complaints filed with appropriate government agencies) promoted with CARPE assistance.

To achieve this challenge, CARPE has established a Small Grant Program as a mechanism to build civil society capacities through learning by doing, thereby enabling civil society to be more proactive and effective in mobilizing itself to work side-by-side with the government and other stakeholders to develop and promote new laws and policies, review existing ones and ensure their implementation for sustainable natural resources management.

Under the good governance component of the CARPE program, several tools were developed to ensure effective implementation, monitoring and reporting including:
a) the country team, which is a platform for planning and prioritizing actions for policies and legal development, revision and implementation,
b) the country matrix, to plan, execute and report on results and,
c) a detailed Small Grant Policy and Procedure Manual to administer the Small Grant program.

For advocacies, laws, decrees, policies and media articles generated under this program in the CARPE countries, select one of the nine CARPE countries listed below for specific documents.

There are currently no documents for this country

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Intermediate Result 3 (IR3) addresses good governance in forest concessions. The monitoring indicator is 'Number of CARPE countries implementing surveillance system for illegal logging'. A tool for monitoring illegal logging, among other things, is the series of Forestry Atlases produced by the World Resources Institute (WRI). The Forestry Atlases combine satellite imagery and Geographic Information System (GIS) data to display forestry concessions and associated ground surveys to generate a web-based forest information monitoring system to help national governments and independent observers to verify whether forestry concession holders are practicing legal and environmentally sustainable logging practices. The WRI Forest Atlases can be accessed here

For more information about CARPE's objectives and intermediate results, please refer to: Objectives.

Document Archive

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CARPE Information Management Tool Documents

Follow the progress of the landscape management planning process in the 12 priority landscapes of the Congo Basin. This Document database let's you view the reporting documentation provided by the Landscape Leads.

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Click on the title to access the document and click on the landscape to learn more about the landscape.

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Other Publications & Useful Links


This section features a list of publications (both institutional white papers and articles from the peer-reviewed literature) focusing on the Congo Basin. Many of these have been supported by USAID-CARPE. Please use the filter tool to view publications by 5 selected themes: forest cover, biodiversity, carbon/REDD+, land use planning, and forest governance.

This list is organized alphabetically by author and spans multiple pages. Use the arrows at the top and bottom of the list to navigate between pages. Click on the publication to perform a Google Scholar search for the article.

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Useful Links

This section features a list of links relevant to Congo Basin conservation. The links have been broken down into general areas of interest.

  • Main Satellite Data Acquisition links:

      OSFAC Satellite Data and Products

      Observatoire Satellital des Forêts d'Afrique Centrale (OSFAC) is based in Kinshasa, DRC. They offer Landsat, Landsat Mosaics, ASTER, and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data covering the entire Congo Basin and OSFAC focal points.

      USGS Global Visualization Viewer

      USGS Global Visualization View (GloVis) offers ASTER, Landsat, MODIS, EO-1, and a number of other image collections. Registration is required, but it can be done once you have completed your search for the necessary scenes. GloVis offers the ability to spatially search their archives by uploading a shapefile representing your area of interest.

      USGS EarthExplorer

      Earth Explorer offers a number of data products that include satellite imagery, imagery mosaics, digital elevation models, and other land cover products. It has an easy to use interface that starts by defining your area of interest, selecting data set, and defining additional criteria such as cloud cover or data level type.

      NASA's Reverb ECHO Client

      Reverb is NASA's updated replacement for the Warehouse Inventory Tool (WIST). Search by spatial definition, temporal range, platform and instruments, processing level, and campaigns. Download URLs for the data locations or download a FTP Batch Script for automatic download of selected files, handy for bulk downloads.

      NASA's LAADS Web

      LAADS Web is for accessing MODIS Level 1 and atmosphere data products through NASA. No registration is required for access to the datasets. The interface is easy to use starting with defining product of interest, selecting temporal range, product collection, and then defining spatial area by either Lat/Long or tile identification. A RGB view of the image can be viewed before downloading or ordering. Most of the data is online for direct download, however a selection of offline data will require data regeneration and later notification by email when it is ready for download.

      NASA LANCE Imagery

      NASA's Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE). LANCE provides near real time (3 hours or less since observation time) imagery and data products from MODIS (Terra and Aqua), AMSR-E (Aqua), AIRS (Aqua), MLS (Aura), and OMI (Aura) instruments. The data is freely available with registration.

      INPE Image Catalog

      Instituto Nacional de Presquisas Espaciasis (INPE) offers imagery from CEBERS 2, CBERS 2B, Landsat, Terra, Aqua, and ResourceSat-1. The image database is searchable by satellite/sensor, date, country, region, path/row, and minimum cloud cover. Registration is required in order to request and download images.

      Free VEGETATION Products

      Free access to the entire SPOT VEGETATION 10-day synthesis archive for products older than 3 months. Before beginning, identify segments of interest by search the VEGETATION Catalogue at:
      http://suvweb.vgt.vito.be/suv/catalogue.do. The site requires a quick user registration before you can add data to your cart. However, the data is free and can be searched based on instrument (VGT1 or VGT2), format (NDVI or Radiometry), region of interest, and temporal period.

      Planet Action Imagery Grants

      Planet Action supports projects related to fighting and mitigating climate change by providing grants consisting of satellite images. These grants typically provide 5 to 10 images per project and can be requested from a variety of spatial and temporal resolution. Imagery can be requested from a wide variety of satellite platforms that includes SPOT, Formosat, Kompsat, Quickbird, and others.

Information on Donor Support to the Congo Basin Countries for REDD+

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility - Approved RPPs

Forest Carbon Partnership Facility REDD+ Guidance Docs


African Development Bank – Congo Basin Forest Fund

Global Environment Facility

World Bank – Forest Investment Program

Private Sector Projects

Groups and government agencies working in support of biodiversity and forestry issues.

Groups working on Biodiversity and Forestry:

Government Agencies and Sponsored Groups:


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