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Geospatial Resources

The CARPE website includes several geospatial tools and resources that enable CARPE partners, stakeholders, and general users to visualize and access Congo Basin geospatial data and documents connected to the progress in the landscape management planning process. Click on the titles or the thumbnails below to be redirected to these tools and resources.

DRC Shifting Cultivation

Forest Fragmentation and the Rural Complex Footprint have been mapped for the DRC for the periods 2000,2005,2010 and are available at the linked website for viewing and download.

CARPE Mapper

Explore the most recent data layers for CARPE's 12 Landscapes using CARPE Mapper, an interactive Web GIS for the Congo Basin.

Spatial Data Resources

Located here is a collection of spatial datasets and links to important spatial datasets relevant to conservation activates within the Congo Basin. In addition there are links to CARPE hosted online services for several datasets.

Satellite Imagery Resources

Information on the major sources of satellite data available for the Congo Basin is provided covering satellite payloads, sensor characteristics, spectral resolution, spatial resolution, swath dimensions, and temporal coverage. Additionally we have supplementary links providing more details on these systems, plus several locations where the data can be accessed or ordered.

Map Library

CARPE maps and posters are created from satellite images and satellite derived land cover classes. The maps provided here are the result of new methodology, Forêts d'Afrique Centrale Evaluées par Télédétection (FACET) maps forest cover and change for 2000-2010 and is also used to produce the FACET atlases.

WRI Forest Atlases

The World Resources Institute has been a CARPE cross-cutting partner for many years. During this time WRI has worked to map the forest resources of the Congo Basin countries, producing national-level hard copy atlases and interactive webGIS maps containing georeferenced information including logging concessions and logging roads.